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Posted by CheesyMaster - July 30th, 2012

Yes you heard right it is 92% true Achivement Madness 2 will be out in madness day for those foo's who may or may not remember it watch dis

Yeap only made in like what...20 hours?And only what?4-8 achivements?Only like 2 mins long?
Well this one is gonna have over 50 achivements(lie) and 4 mins long(why do i keep lying=)HOWZ DAT FO AN UPGRADE?!

Also Hanks gonna get new clothes and stuff!(Or not we are lazy)

AM2 30 secs long and not a single achivement done and only 13 or so days like a boss


Posted by CheesyMaster - February 5th, 2012

Yeap no progress and its gonna be out it 2013 100% sure cause there aint no good games comin out this year so we cant just sit around and fap to it.But we might realese 1 out of 2 things in Madness day

1:Achivement Madness 2:yeap more nyan nukes and guns and rewards this time

2:Meet Ryan:The story of out main char in Nightmare Madness it tells a lil bit about him so it might be good :P

Posted by CheesyMaster - October 26th, 2011

Well these are the plans death and me have for 2012 cause we might of had more but we lost everything...
I really didnt like last years entries to madness day well xionic madness 4 was cool heist was OK but i didnt like the first place....Anyway:
Hank couldent finish his achivements but we only made it in liek 15 hours so dont be a hater skater :3
Gonna make it liek 20-40 achivements the most so hope it will make u guys laugh :) shouldent of used nyan cat...OR WE MIGHT EVEN USE HIM AGAIN :D
2 frigen years after the trailer...Lost everything we had like 5% of all of it done finished the hard parts so yeah lost abit....Well main chars
Ryan:A man who lost his wife when the zombie outbrake happend and then tryin to get out of the city
Claire:Bad ass biker girl only doing 1 thing,killing and robbing survivers
Scott:Sniper not much known about him
Ernest:A pilot who also wants to get out of the city
Benjimen:I dont know why but i dont like him a generel soldier...
Dr.Awesome(Wille):Yeah death came up with the name...Some say he started it all created the virus but he is working for a cure
Rachel:A char i created willes girl friend ;)
Janitor:Someone who survives friggen everything
Well we will make a trailer when its all done :D all for now

Posted by CheesyMaster - October 2nd, 2011

Shit news guys NM is...might be next year we were planing RainBoom helping with last sprites but death wanted to do everything himself so,next Halloween is NM and next MD is gonna be Achivement Madness so yeah slow year lol :p
EDIT:NM is cancled this year guys death lost his sprites...too much porn i guess :D?Nah jkz but srsly no NM...

Posted by CheesyMaster - September 2nd, 2011

well i became rainboom....my god...Well NM is gonna be on halloween cause its so frigen big :O so me and death are gonna submit a funny flash :3 and I will upload a pic about it soon after I get my account all up and ready :/
Edit:Omgwtfbbq HAPPY MD BITCHEZ!